Need help with setting up Infocus Screenplay 5000 projector

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Wed Jul 29 19:09:17 PDT 2009

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009, john smith wrote:

> I have had an Infocus Screenplay 5000 for a few weeks now, and its a
> great projector. After first getting it and the 30 ft DVI cable I
> bought for it, I hooked it straight up to my graphics card and after a
> few hours of tweaking xorg.conf I got it working nicely. However,I
> ended up migrating to Sabayon (a Gentoo based distro). I saved my

 	I'm not the right person to answer the question, but I can tell you 
two things they'll ask for.
1.	What version of xorg were you previously using, and what are you using
2.	Where's your Xorg.0.log (or whatever the file is).


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