Skype causes a segmentation fault (1.6.2 RC1) and restarting of the X Server

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Jun 18 03:37:26 PDT 2009

2009/6/18 Miro Hadzhiev <extigyro at>:

> Am I at the right place? No reply so far. Do I need to file this particular
> bug concerning Skype and the segmentation fault of X Server somewhere else?
> :)

Well, clients shouldn't be able to make the server segfault, so it's a bug.

The hard part is debugging it, as Skype's a closed source application
... to file a bug that others could make sense of, you'd need to get
some idea of what was happening. Run a debug version of latest Xorg,
trace precisely what's happening, see if you can spot what Skype is
mis-tickling ...

- d.

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