Problems with resumed suspend: Work (dual/external heads) <=> Home (built in laptop display)

Andreas Schildbach andreas at
Tue Jun 23 11:05:31 PDT 2009

Hi Jamie,

What's your hardware? Which video driver do you use?

I've got a very similar problem, except that mostly only either the
internal or the external display is deactivated after resume.

Also, the problem can be reproduced without actually switching monitors
(like in your case with home/work). Can you try again by just suspending
and resuming without disconnecting the external monitor?

Anyway, here is my bugreport:

Best regards,


On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 01:08 -0400, Jamie Jackson wrote:
> (Ubuntu 9.04)
> At work, I've got dual head, external monitors (VGA, TDMS-1). If I
> suspend there, and resume at home (using only built-in LVDS), I get a
> black screen.
> I have similar problems when going in reverse.
> The only way I've been able to recover is via SSH and xrandr, however,
> my home => work xrandr process is haphazard. While I can usually get
> it to work, I can only get enough to give me a panel (on the wrong
> screen, the VGA) to get to the gnome display config gui (where I can
> finish the proper config, getting the panel on the main TDMS-1, and
> the auxiliary display on the smaller VGA).
> When I need to resume at home, I usually bag it, and just hard reset.
> I've got a few questions:
> 1. Is there a way to get X to roam better (be smarter about detecting
> and using displays on resume)?
> 2. Alternatively, is there some xrandr sequence I can use that makes
> the home => work transition less awkward?
> 3. Also, alternatively, what's the sequence for the work => home
> transition? (This one's a bit of a pain, because I've got to jump
> through some hoops to SSH in at home, but if I had a sequence, I could
> script it, and then maybe blindly run my script from a TTY.)
> Thanks,
> Jamie

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