Mouse doesn't work until I logout. Affects all DM's

Greg Martyn greg.martyn at
Mon Jun 29 08:12:25 PDT 2009

I'm having what are probably two problems with my mouse right now.

First, when I first start my computer up and log in, the mouse acts
erratically. The cursor moves around like normal, but when I click
it's as if the click event is happening somewhere else on the screen.
For example, I may have the cursor positioned over a button but when I
click, the button doesn't get clicked. Occasionally it will trigger a
click on something completely unrelated. I have focus follows mouse
on, but windows don't focus when I move over them. When I right click,
sometimes I get a context menu for a completely different application
than the one the mouse cursor is over. This behavior is independent of
whether I initially log into KDE, Gnome or TWM. As soon as I log out
then log back in, everything works normally. As long as I powerup,
login, logoff, login, everything works normally. This has been
happening for a couple of months (through an upgrade from Fedora 10 to
11) but wasn't that annoying.

Second, a problem that just started 4 days ago: I am unable to click
the menubar in firefox (and unable to Alt+F to get the file menu) even
in safe mode. Also, right clicking in the web page doesn't work. Also
wherever I click in the Chromium Inspect Element window, it is treated
as if I were holding Alt -- it wants to move the window.

Any ideas? Is there any more info I could provide that would be helpful?


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