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Subject: 2009 Election results
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Dear X.Org Foundation Membership,

The X.Org Foundation Board election process is now complete. We on the
Election Committee testify that it was conducted according to the
organization's bylaws and to the best of our ability.
A total of 42 of the 140 active members of the X.Org Foundation voted,
which is in excess of the 25% required by the bylaws.  Voters ranked the
nominees. The rankings were evaluated according to the Borda count
method (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borda_count), which for each ballot
in this four-person election assigned the highest-ranked candidate four
points, the next-highest three points, and so forth.

The nominees elected by the Membership to serve a two-year term on the
X.Org Foundation Board are as follows:

        Alan Coopersmith (112 points)
        Bart Massey (89 points)
        Daniel Stone (77 points)
        Donnie Berkholz (71 points)

Not elected were:

        Jim Gettys (35 points)
        David Nicol (19 points)

For calendar year 2009, the X.Org Foundation Board will consist of the
newly-elected board members, plus continuing board members Eric Anholt,
Matthieu Herb, Adam Jackson, and Carl Worth.

Those of us on the Election Committee of the X.Org Foundation Board of
Directors extend our sincere thanks to the current board members who are
now stepping down, (Egbert Eich and Keith Packard). We are extremely
grateful for their ongoing devotion to the development and promotion of
the X Window System. We also thank all of those who were willing
candidates for a board position in this election, and all the members
that participated in the election. We hope that each of you will
continue to help out with X.Org, and will consider seeking service on
the board in the future.

Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
on behalf of the Election Committee,
X.Org Foundation Board of Directors

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