Radeon: randr 1.3 panning possible?

GordonYuan at viatech.com.cn GordonYuan at viatech.com.cn
Sun Mar 8 18:51:38 PDT 2009

Dear Krzysztof,
    According to Matthias' ppt, there is two ways for panning,
    1) Don't call mode_set() for seamless movement
	2) Call mode_set(), but display flickers
	I'm not sure whether radeon driver use the second path or not. But intel driver use the first one, and it works fine.
	By the way, I'm a newcomer and hope it can help you.
Best wishes,

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Is randr 1.3 panning possible with radeon driver on R600 (RV670 or
something like that, aka HD3870 PCI-E) and analog VGA output?

I'm using master branch (currently d1add18f3d2) and:
xrandr --fb 2000x2000 --output DVI-0 --panning 2000x2000 --mode 1280x960

but it screws the display badly.

IOW: a bug or not implemented?

Panning works with radeonhd. Unfortunately, the driver is too slow to be
Krzysztof Halasa
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