Image rendeing problem

Hugo Gagnon hugo.gagnon2 at
Thu Mar 19 03:29:50 PDT 2009

I installed Paraview (a computational fluid dynamics software based on OpenGL) using the Fedora 10 repository on an Intel macbook with a built-in GMA 950 graphics card. Paraview opens normally but it does not render any images in the main visualization window. I posted an email to the relevant mailing list mentioning this issue and I got suggestions of installing Mesa. After a little search (again on the fc10 repository) I realized that Mesa was already running on my computer. Someone also proposed me to check if I could see the "glxgears" in a shell and the answer is no, I cannot. Then people suggested me to expose my problem to more competent users on the matter. So here I am...My first question may be: Why can't I see the "glxgears"? Please note that I am really not an expert in X and image rendering, and I also have a limited knowledge of Linux, therefore I would appreciate if you could be as clear as possible in your comments/suggestions/ideas.

Any input is welcomed!


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