Memory hog on Ubuntu 9.10

ace102 mgavl69 at
Mon Apr 5 11:21:25 PDT 2010

Since no one has given you any sound advice or helpful suggestions....besides
comments from people with an axe to grind or play the blame game without
knowing what the problem really is or if there is one at all.

-Run 'top -d 120 -p {PID of Xorg} > xorgfile'  Set the delay for however
long you want and see what it shows. Or just use without the '-p' switch to
get all the programs.
-Use valgrind to look for memleaks,etc but I don't know how valgrind would
get along with attaching to the Xorg process or if it would provide any
useful info.
-RTFM the top manual page .. .. to
make sure you understand the difference between what you think are seeing
and what is being displayed.
-Look for any unnecessary modules being loaded by the Xserver in the
/var/log/Xorg.0.log or any other errors/warnings.
-Look/Search at for current Xorg-xserver bugs.
Depending on what version Xserver you're running it may be a bug that is
already taken care of in a newer revision.
-nVidia Linux forum for getting real

yangzhang wrote:
> I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 on x86_64 with Compiz effects turned on. No apps
> are running, but according to top, X was using 733MB:
>  1461 root      20   0 1145m 733m 8716 S    0 36.6  16:05.56 Xorg
> xrestop shows programs taking nowhere near a gig:

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