CLIPBOARD selection doesn't save content

Quintus sutniuq at
Thu Apr 8 02:42:22 PDT 2010

Hi again,

First of all, there was a little mistake in my posted code:

> xevt.xselectionrequest.requestor, wanted_atoms[i], requested, 32,
> PropModeReplace, (unsigned char *) "TEST", 4);

Should have been

xevt.xselectionrequest.requestor, wanted_atoms[i], requested, 8,
PropModeReplace, (unsigned char *) "TEST", 4);

Note that 32 has been replaced by 8, otherwise you can't sore more than
4 characters on the clipboard.

Second, I tested my implementation with Xubuntu (Xfce) and openSUSE
(KDE). I found that Xubuntu doesn't seem to have a clipboard manager at
all, if I try to paste copied code after the termination of an
application it doesn't work. So, no Xfce availability, at least for
Xubuntu. openSUSE *has* a clipboard manager, the paste-after-termination
thing worked quite well there. Unfortunately, my code did not. The error
message "No clipboard manager available" got triggered, for whatever
reason. Does the clipboard manager of KDE work that different?
Btw. I'm testing with VirtualBox.


Quintus schrieb:
> Thank you!
> Marvin

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