Is Xvnc a X exension or X driver?

Matt Dew matt at
Mon Apr 19 16:27:08 PDT 2010

While I'm not interested in writing a manual, I am trying to round up
and organize existing docs and info. and I am really interested in any
diagrams and such that people might have/know of for Xserver internals
or how different pieces interact.

If anyone has any docs/diagrams/handscanned cocktail napkins they find
useful or helpful, please send me a like or copy.


On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 11:08 PM, Alan Coopersmith
<alan.coopersmith at> wrote:
> (I've cc'ed xorg-devel, since this is really much more of a developer topic than
>  a user topic.)
> Zhang, Xing Z wrote:
>> Hi experts:
>>       I am looking into code of tigervnc, the Xvnc contains a vnc X server which seems a X driver or extension ( it locates at tigervnc-1.0.1/unix/xserver/hw/vnc).
> VNC includes an X extension, but Xvnc itself is an X server using the hw/vnc DDX
> layer.   Originally X support for different hardware was delivered by having a
> different DDX layer for each, resulting in multiple different X servers and
> changing X servers to use different types.   In the current code, the hw/xfree86
> layer provides a common DDX layer for many types of hardware with loadable
> driver modules for each type, but there are still other DDX layers for other
> types of X server, such as Xvnc, Xvfb & Xnest, as well as the kdrive DDX layer
> which supports multiple hardware types using the older model of per-hardware
> X server binaries.
>>       Could anyone point me a programming howto followed by above implementation?
>>       I gone through documentations on, but didn't find programming manual of such a extension/driver.
> There isn't a lot of up-to-date documentation on X server internals - not many
> people are interested in spending the huge amounts of time required to write a
> programming manual that less than 100 people will ever read.
> Documents that do exist (though not necessarily completely up-to-date):
>  * Definition of the Porting Layer for the X v11 Sample Server:
>   html:
>   pdf:
>  * The X Window System Server, Elias Israel, Erik Fortune,
>        Digital Press, ISBN 1-55558-096-3, 1993.
>   (X11R5 era, though some basic concepts are still unchanged)
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