Calibration not working with evdev

Ramesh Agarwal notagarwal at
Wed Apr 21 01:59:11 PDT 2010


I have evdev 2.3.2/xserver 1.8  and I am trying to use the Calibration
option in the xorg.conf to calibrate my touch screen. But when I add
the Option "Calibation" "42 833 100 866" in the xorg.conf the touch
screen stops working. I do get the BTN_TCH and BTN_REL (pointer move
0,0 on first touch and the menu at that location responds to click)
but the pointer stops moving. However when comment this out, it works
fine (off calibrated though) and the SwapAxes works fine.

Just to debug it a little more I tried giving just 3 arguments to the
Calibration and it properly exited out saying not enough arguments. So
this Option is being recognized but seems to be messing up something.

I am looking at the code to see if I can figure out anything but does
anyone know why this could be happening? Does the underlying
controller driver have to support anything special to enable

Thanks in advance,

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