ANN: xterm patch #257

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu Apr 22 02:56:51 PDT 2010

                            Patch #257 - 2010/4/22

     * correct  description  of  OSC  17 and OSC 19 (patch by
       Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * corrected  logic  for  menuLocale resource; the setlocale function
       returns the original locale only when querying.
     * improve filtering of translations resource, narrowing the scope of
       the  alwaysUseMods  to  address  only  the translations that would
       cause a key to be sent to the host (report by Andrew Gaylard).
     * change default value of menuLocale resource to "C", to work around
       longstanding [261]Xorg bug.
     * modify handling of scrollKey feature to ignore XON/XOFF keys.
     * implement scroll-lock feature.
     * revise memory allocation in UTF8toLatin1() to fix an out-of-bounds
       index (Mandriva #54531).
     * compute  value for first wide-character rather than assuming it is
       256,  fixes problem with -cjk_width introduced in patches [262]242
       and [263]249 (report by Thomas Wolff).
     * improve configure script:
          + corrected check for _XOPEN_SOURCE for OpenSolaris.
          + when  possible,  add  rpath  option  for libraries in unusual
          + add  configure option --disable-rpath-hack to control whether
            the rpath option can be added.
     * modify AllocateTermColor() to separate initialization from control
       sequences,  fixing  problem  from  [264]patch  #254  changes where
       enabling allowSendEvents resource prevents setting cursor color on
       command-line (Debian #572928).
     * amend  logic  from [265]patch #185 to not reallocate cell-array if
       processing  ESC % G  to switch from UTF-8 if already in ISO-8859-1
       character set (report by Michael Koehne).
     * fix to avoid calling XmuInternStrings() with zero count (report by
       Johan Bockgård).
     * fix build when --disable-ansi-color configure option is used.
     * fix build when neither OPT_TCAP_QUERY or OPT_TCAP_FKEYS is defined
       (patch by Matthieu Herrb)

Thomas E. Dickey
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