mapping of minimized windows

Florian Martys florian.martys at
Fri Apr 23 02:22:28 PDT 2010


Why I am here:
I'm new to the mailing list, so please excuse potential naivety. I
filed a bugreport against xorg package in Ubuntu on Launchpad* and
have been told that the problem is upstream and I have to ask the xorg
team in their mailing list, here I am.

What I am here for:
I am using standard Ubuntu desktop (10.04) with Desktop effects
(Compiz Fusion). First, when using ALT-TAB to switch between windows I
can only see an icons instead of window previews when toggling over
minimized windows (bugreport**). Second, when using the Scale
plugin*** (WIN-key aka SUPER+A or W; extra desktop effects have to be
enabled), which is similar to the Exposé effect on Mac OS X, I can
only see windows that are avitve (i.e. not minimized), there is not
even an icon replacing the missing running application that are
minimized, minimized applications/windows don't even show up.

As I understand this is not a bug, but more or less by design, because
minimized windows are not mapped anymore. However it is a usability
bug when using ALT-TAB or the Scale Plugin with the Desktop Effects.

Thanks in advance for any replies,


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