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On Fre, 2010-04-23 at 11:41 +0200, Florian Martys wrote: 
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> Date: 2010/4/23
> Subject: Re: mapping of minimized windows
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> Thank you for your answer, Michel!
> Although not being a developer, from what I read so far everything
> points towards X being the upstream part responsible for this issue...

No, 'minimized windows' is entirely a window manager concept.

> Leaving the Scale Plugin aside, the ALT-TAB behaviour can't be a
> Compiz issue, right? As far as I understand you, you don't want map
> minimized windows yourself (in X) because of higher ressources needed?
> Well, don't you agree at all it is a usability bug and there has to be
> done something about it? Any ideas how to minimize the ressources
> needed? For instance by not constantly refreshing minimized windows
> like you do it with active windows, couldn't you save a lot of
> ressources by just saving a "screenshot" (probably what you meant with
> the last pixmap anyway)?


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