Trackpoint (Dualpoint Stick) too slow, confused

Tobias Wolf towolf at
Tue Apr 27 14:33:10 PDT 2010


Xorg input device configuration went through so many changes lately that
I’m really confused as to how to configure basic things properly.

Searching via Google is misleading to say the least. People refer to old
xorg.conf settings, to sysfs files, xinput commands, HAL, udev,
xorg.conf.d, etc.

Simple question, asking for the current way to configure:

How do I speed up my terribly slow TrackPoint? 

It’s called DualPoint Stick, ALPS, is in Lenovo ThinkPad X301. It’s
owned by evdev driver.

The touchpad is fine, so when I buff the acceleration in Gnome control
panel for all devices it becomes super-jerky. I use up-to-date Xorg in
Ubuntu Lucid, so please give me the pertinent options for xorg.conf.d

xinput commands weren’t helping at all. They seem to only make things
slower [1] – at best, sometimes after playing cursor became attracted to
black hole at (1,1). There were references to configure sensitivity via
sysfs, but I don’t have these files [2].

Would »Option "Resolution"« or »Option "Sensitivity"« help at all? Are
they deprecated? man evdev doesn’t mention anything. Can I not buff the
sensitivity in the device itself?

Out of ideas, 


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