Trackpoint (Dualpoint Stick) too slow, confused

Tobias Wolf towolf at
Wed Apr 28 05:26:41 PDT 2010

On Wed, 2010-04-28 at 11:44 +0200, Simon Thum wrote:
> This intends to preserve precision. I'd bet any speed gains one may
> under another OS is driver magic.

I never used this machine under another OS and am not sure how
responsive it is there. It’s just too slow, when it crosses the screen
diagonal in more than a second at full force.

How do I find out where the kernel bits that used to be there went?
I guess that is where the real resolution should be set?

I have Linux 2.6.32.

> Since sysfs fails, probably acceleration is your friend. The velocity
> code wasn't really written with trackpoints in mind but it should work
> fine, maybe with tweaks applied.
> If the knob is really slow, I'd recommend a profile which ascends
> (like the smooth (soft-knee) limited or linear profile, 6 or 7). You
> also find it helpful to increase "velocity scaling", which adjusts the
> profile responses. This can be done with xinput and xorg.conf[.d]
> It may take some time to find proper settings; they're documented

I revisited that page. Maybe I shouldn’t have just skimmed over it the
last time.

> In any case, I'd be interested in how it worked out.

The only profile that seems natural to me is 6 (linear) when I crank up
the feedback. In the others I get odd »staircase« motion (see the
animated gif under [1]).

It has completely different sensorimotor contingencies now, so I have to
relearn to control the cursor using this.

Is there a difference between 30/10 and 3/1? Why is this a fraction and
not a float? How does it interact with the acceleration setting that
Gnome exposes in the Mouse Properties? Should I reset that one to zero?



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