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Fri Apr 30 15:24:30 PDT 2010

Thanks for drawing teh complete picture to me. (btw just let me know
if this is the right place to discuss this issue as this is my first post
on this forum).

The problem that i face is showkey seems to be giving the correct keycode;
so does xmodmap -e.

Dont xmodmap and showkey also recieve the keycodes from the input driver?

if yes , i still am stuck trying to understand the difference of results
between xev and showkey/xmodmap.

showkey : Press Down : "keycode 108 press"
xmodmap -pke | grep Down : "keycode 104 = Down NoSymbol"
xev | grep keysym  ( press down):  keycode 204 (keysym 0x0,No Symbol)

I am using a pc105 keyboard model


> cknayar at wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> I tried running teh XEV on my X server and i get the keycode 198 for the
>> Up key when it should have been 98. i want to understand how XEV gets
>> the
>> keycode or rather where does the XEV reads the keycode from.
> xev simply reports the keycode it receives from the X server in the event.
> The X server passes on the keycodes it receives from the X input driver
> (such as evdev or kbd), though with an offset due to the overlap between
> the mouse button and keycode numbering.   The input driver may report the
> exact value it got from the kernel/hardware or may map it (kbd for
> instance
> remaps from system-specific keycodes to the AT standard scancodes).
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