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>  Hello there.
> I am developing graphics system to one of our touch screen keypad.
> I planned to use fltk-2.0 to achieve the same.
> For this I required X11. But as the X11 is very huge, I wanted a slimmed
> down version of the same.
> Basically X11 and fltk must occupy not more than 20MB!
> Fltk basically uses these libraries from X11: -lXext, -lXft, -lXcursor,
> -lXinerma and -lXi.
> Can anyone help me in building X11 for my system?
Not sure what exactly you want to do, there are already lot of options are
available for embedded systems, Like Angstom, ubuntu-arm,android etc..
In all those OS having the capability of handling the applications with and
with out X(frame buffer).

Instead of fltk, you can give a try with Clutter (Gtk Clutter).

> Thanks,
> Praveen
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