ssh tunneling for a newbie :)

Markus Strobl mstrobl2 at
Wed Aug 11 12:14:24 PDT 2010

> > 3: Allow the  connection on the client side. Easiest way is "xhost +" which
> > allows any  server to display on your client. Optionally you can restrict 
> >  servers are allowed (see man xhost).
> this should not be nessesary when  using ssh , and allowing just anyone
> displaying stuff on your screen on  client requires cautious firewalling - 
> mind you this allows just like anyone  catching keyboard and mouse events.
> (i.e. via using x2x ).
> usually  connections should originate from localhost , and as long
> as console from  which ssh has properly configured variables,
> and i.e. starting xterm from it  (or any other x app) actually works,
> ssh tunnel should work too.

Interesting. Maybe my systems are not configured correctly. I've always had to 
do a "xhost +" to get tunneled X11 to work.

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