Need help: Lost keyboard after xorg upgrade

Michael auslands-kv at
Thu Aug 12 00:16:16 PDT 2010

Peter Hutterer wrote:

>> I'm afraid running a GDB on the xserver is somewhat above my expertise.
>> But maybe I go and file a bug on the bug tracker, so that a developer can
>> have a look at it.
> unfortunately, there's a high chance that that developer would be me...

:-) O.k. I see.

So, is there somewhere a tutorial for total newbies on howto debug an 
xserver? Is it feasible at all for someone like me?

I do have two laptops, so I can ssh into the problematic one.


> to debug this I'd need to reproduce it and right now you're likely the
> only one to see this, otherwise my inbox would be filling up with this
> bug. so I don't think this can be debugged without your help.
> Cheers,
>   Peter
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