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On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 5:45 PM, Wolfgang Draxinger
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> On Thu, 26 Aug 2010 08:44:46 +1000
> Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at> wrote:
>> Also, assuming that if we ditched input features somehow Gallium or
>> other graphics parts would be finished sooner is a logical fallacy.
> I'm not talking about sooner. It's more like running into one
> direction, then realizing you've to go back, because things took a
> different direction.
> What I see on the horizon, I may be utterly wrong and misguided, is a
> concept I'd call "console sets". Instead of somehow managing a number
> of input/output devices by means of helper deamons (consolekit *york*),
> which systems like (but also others) have to use individually, it
> makes much more sense, to aggregate sets of devices into a Console
> Set, where each of them has it's own number of VTs. Think of multihead
> on the VT level, which is possible already, but through a rather clumsy
> interface.
> And Xorg, but also other things, then would simply run on top of that.
> Looking at Gallium and other things, to me it looks like the X server
> will transistion from a graphics driver/subsystem into something
> simpler, namely a network transparent graphics interface and windowing
> system. Maybe in the end we'll end up with some sort of Gallium kdrive
> on a Console Set.
> Abstracting away input hotplugging into the kernel, so that more
> programs can easily take advantage from it.

Peter's been working solely on input handling and the XInput 2 stuff
since he got started. If you want more work put into Gallium, you
should find people like Marek, Luca, or me, that currently work on
Gallium unpaid in our spare time, and pay us to focus on it. (You also
might have to convince us to take the money -- I for one have decided
to keep my current lower-stress local job rather than work all the
time on graphics, and I bet the other amateurs are the same way.)

~ C.

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