Strange libXrender behaviour on Solaris10/SPARC

Nicolai Stange nicolai.stange at
Wed Dec 1 14:37:30 PST 2010

Hi everybody,

Two questions:
1.) Are there any news for the Debian stable xorg-server 1.7x?
If not, where can I track whether the fix has been applied?

2.) The first problem occured with a X server running on a Linux/x86 Box
due to endian conversion of the RenderCreateLinearGradient requests from
the MSB client on Solaris10/SPARC. Now, I encounter a very similiar
problem with the client and the Xnewt running both on the same SPARC
machine. Naive as I am, I compiled an 1.7.2 Xvfb there to debug the
problem in the same way as I did for Linux/x86. Unfortunately, the
probem doesn't occur there. Can anyone tell me on which xorg-server
version the Xnewt depends? I think the SRS is sth. like 5.x? The Xnewt
sources themselves are not publically avaiable, I guess?

Best regards


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