laptop keyboard is ignored configuration layout from xorg.conf.d since XInput ABI 12

Sebastian Glita glseba at
Thu Dec 9 04:40:52 PST 2010


Oh, forgot to mention the sources are from git tree, the patch is there, same 
problem again.


> A british laptop layout is not recognized since a couple of weeks with 
> compilation from git.
> Section "InputClass"
>     Identifier        "AT Keyboard"
>     MatchProduct        "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"
>     MatchIsKeyboard    "on"
>     Driver            "evdev"
>     Option            "AutoServerLayout"    "on"
>     Option            "AutoRepeat"        "500 30"
>     Option            "XkbRules"        "xorg"
>     Option    "XkbModel"    "pc104"
>     Option    "XkbLayout"    "gb"
>     Option    "XkbVariant"    "basic,winkeys"
> EndSection
> What can be done?

commit beea2378f142556471c62290e275935af848e137
Author: Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at>
Date:   Mon Dec 6 14:33:43 2010 +1000

    xfree86: don't overwrite option list (#32115)
    Options set in the configuration file were unconditionally overwritten by
    the server. Merge the already existing options and the new options together
    instead of just overwriting ones.



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