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Tue Dec 14 22:12:07 PST 2010

On 2010/12/15 19:19 (GMT+0530) Rudhisundar Beura composed:

> Adam Jackson  wrote:

>>  Rudhisundar Beura wrote:

>>  >  Hi, my problem is that for some specific purpose I want to configure
>>  >  1366x768 resolution on the thin client, with the given specification.
>>  >  But it is simply failing, not even appearing in the setting. And
>>  >  though other resolutions come they are not set.
>>  >  I have tried changing the horizontal and vertical frequencies.

>>  I'm going to guess (since none of your attached information tells me
>>  anything even remotely useful) that you're using the vesa driver, and
>>  that your vesa bios doesn't list a 1366x768 mode.

>>  Which means you're out of luck.  Sorry about that.

> I am not using a vesa driver rather I am using i810 intel graphics driver,
> proprietary.

> What did u tell about the bios setting ?

> Are u talking about the normal pc bios ?

Being an onboard video configuration, the video BIOS for i810 chips is 
contained on the motherboard as a PC BIOS extension. It contains only modes 
that existed when it was made more than a decade ago. It contains no mode for 
the several years newer lowfi 1366x768 flat panel HDTV mode, but might 
possibly contain the much older standard 1920x1080 flat panel HDTV mode.
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