Xdmx and evdev corrupts keymap?

kvarkgluon kvarkgluon at volny.cz
Wed Dec 15 14:25:19 PST 2010


I would like to ask for a help in the matter of running Xdmx on a
laptop (first display) and PC (second display).
I am using X.Org X Server (1.9.3 RC 2)  form Gentoo
(GNU/Linux). The problem is that when I run Xdmx on my laptop and want
the keyboard of my laptop to be the input device, keymap is corrupted:
Right_Alt becomes to Next or something like that, PgUp is also
something different and so on. So I finally cannot use the keyboard
and Xdmx at all.
Changing the -param XkbModel just improves the result of "setxkbmap
-print" in the newly started screen (default pc105 changes to my
pc104) but key mapping undergoes no change and even sometimes (I don't
remember what I exactly did) keyboard stops writing at all.
When I cancel the module auto-loading in my xorg.conf.d and set the
keyboard driver to kbd, everything is working fine in Xdmx. So evdev,
which is the default keyboard driver in my Xserver, is evidently on
I even tried to search for the possibility of stopping evdev being
used for my keyboard only, but I couldn't find anything on the

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Best regards

Michal Hejduk

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