An evdev feature proposal; shift/space dual role key

Teika Kazura teika at
Wed Dec 22 23:43:43 PST 2010

Thanks, Peter Hutterer, for giving an exact, concise summary, which
I should have given.

I didn't know xkb could be changed, or more correcly, xkb2 is coming,
or considered as coming (but not shipped yet). If my proposal can go
into xkb2, then I'd be more than happy.

Until that, I'm going to sell my idea here and there. Convenient
features get adopted, and softwares are haunted with mostrous
hacks. It never stops. ;< Soryy, I need my hack to save my
pinkies. (Health wins over all.)

Thanks Peter (and other nice folks) for your great effort in X.
Teika (Teika kazura)

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