[xorg-server-] How to set "EmulateWheelButton" with no hal?

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 14:23:08 PST 2010

Hi xorg list, and Happy Holidays to you all.

I just updated xorg-server from 1.7.x to  Everything works
as expected except for my unusual mouse, which has many buttons but no

Until now I've been using a hal fdi file to set EmulateWheelButton to 8,
but now hal is gone, so what to do instead?

I have no InputDevice sections in xorg.conf because I've been using evdev
and my custom hal fdi file to configure the mouse (successfully).

Now I see that xorg is using udev instead of hal to detect the mouse, but
somebody is setting EmulateWheelButton to 4.  Is this now a default value
specified in xorg-server-1.9.x?

I'd like to get the Big Picture so I can configure the mouse using the
"right" tool for xorg-1.9.x.

Any clues accepted with gratitude and wishes for good holiday cheer :)

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