Blacklisting an Input Device

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabrbedd at
Wed Dec 29 15:23:08 PST 2010

Hi Peter,

On Wednesday, December 29, 2010 04:55:55 pm Peter Hutterer 
> > However, I wonder if the attached patch to
> > xf86-input-evdev might be appropriate.
> no, there's a few devices that only have wheel axes and
> they need to keep working. Note that the "configured as
> mouse" message is probably misleading, it simply means
> that evdev will use the relative axes. your problem is


> that 0/0 coordinates are sent and we need to figure out
> why. do you see the 0/0 coordinates when you run evtest
> against the device? if so, then the kernel driver needs
> fixing (or quirking). otherwise, it's either evdev or
> the server.

Well, it's supposed to send data... it's just not supposed 
to be /coordinate/ data for the X Server.  It's supposed to 
be MIDI-related data for jog wheels and volume levels and 
whatnot.  It wasn't a problem in older versions of X11 
because it would be ignored (since it didn't have axes AND 

So, looks like I need to change the kernel driver... to 
prevent it from appearing to the X Server as any sort of HID 

Thanks for your help!


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