Remote X

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Tue Feb 2 17:37:26 PST 2010

Ross Burton wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-02-03 at 01:18 +1100, Russell Shaw wrote:
>> With a cursive font, all the cursive glyphs on a line could compress
>> when the line is close to full, but before the need for a linebreak. 
> I wasn't aware that there were any toolkits that were powerful enough to
> do this, assuming you had an expensive OpenType font that allowed it to
> condense when the line was getting tight.
> Just putting the glyphs closer together doesn't mean cache stressing,
> obviously.

I thought of the problems of general high-quality font rendering and
take that into account. I thought of making a cursive font myself.
Making fonts is only hard using the existing way of doing things.

With a cursive font, the glyphs can be attached using attachment points,
making whole words appear to be made from a single "pen down" operation.

To compress a line, the spaces between words can be compressed. Then
the words themselves can be compressed. There's no spaces between letters.

Some scripts don't have spaces between words iirc.

For remote operation where network latency is a problem, a setting
to stop the font doing all types of compression so that lines are
only left or right justified could be done i suppose.

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