xkb: Switch delay to a group

Daniil V. Kolpakov dan at riga.lv
Wed Feb 3 05:28:25 PST 2010

В сообщении от 3 февраля 2010 Ilya Murav'jov написал(a):
> Daniil V. Kolpakov пишет:
> > В сообщении от 3 февраля 2010 Ilya Murav'jov написал(a):
> >> Here is my use case: I use Ctrl+Ins for switching between
> >> layouts/groups (Russian and English).
> > 
> > Try using CapsLock instead, you'll like it :)
> Oops, I mean I use Ctrl+Shift.
> Well, I can learn again myself with CapsLock but this is not the case
> for most people. I have no statistic but I believe Ctrl+Shift and
> Alt+Shift is far more popular keybindings for switching layouts, and it
> is impossible to learn to use CapsLock them all.

Ctrl+Shift (not to mention Alt-Shift) always seemed weird to me; but I think 
reason behind this madness was that Microsoft was solving really non-trivial 
problem: define set of keyboard shortcuts for Windows which doesn't overlap 
with any of the sets of the popular software of that time (e.g. Norton 
Commander, Borland IDEs, etc). Because of this, we have now Ctrl-Shift instead 
of plain old Right Control :) Some of the Windows shortcuts proven to be 
really convinient and logical, like (sic) Alt-Tab. But Ctrl-Shift just have to 
die. For me, CapsLock (Mandiva default) seems to be the best (I've tried 

I believe Ctrl-Shift might be subject of holywars which rice periodically on 
maillists, Google should confirm it I think :)
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