Xephyr keyboard problem

Nokan Emiro uzleepito at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 11:10:39 PST 2010


I use Xephyr for xdmcp connections to my server, but
unfortunatelly it has keyboard problems.  Arrow keys
do not work in it.  I've googled a bit, and found that others
have the same problem.  Somewhere I've found that "-kb"
switches off the KBD extension in Xephyr, and maybe it
helps on keyboard mistakes.  It didn't, but as I can see
it makes the Xephyr server differently wrong.  It means
that other keys are incorrect with "-kb".  Then I've found
an old patch to solve this with other kind of problems,
but that patch does not apply to the current version anymore.

This is the old patch:

Is it possible to repair Xephyr?  Or are there any other
xdmcp capable clients out there (except Xnest and Xephyr)?

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