Testers wanted: Synaptics acceleration patch

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Fri Feb 5 12:41:13 PST 2010

Peter Hutterer wrote:
> I've had this running on my laptop pretty much since you sent out the patch
> and given that I was at a conference and on holidays after, I pretty much
> exclusively used the touchpad for more than two weeks.

> My first impression was - it's slow. Much slower than the current method and
Maybe you were a double acceleration victim before - it's by design in
that case.
I also added a small fix, so it now also scales for a (presumed)
synaptics reporting rate, and tries to get the algorithm's accel
parameter right. Maybe it's better now.

> while I played around with xset initially to make it faster, I eventually
Fun fact: As long as you're in profile 1 (device-dependent), xset won't
do anything. X accel default settings seem to make no sense to the
synaptics accel, so it left them side-by-side.
> stopped doing that, frequent reboots make it cumbersome. There's some
> additional knobs I guess that I can use, but I haven't tried tweaking them
> yet.
Guess why I added accel stuff to xorg.conf.d ;) Of course, your average
DE will simply over-xset it all ;(
> That aside, I like it a lot. I have a lot more control over the pointer,
> don't overshoot anymore and generally the pointer now feels it's doing what
> it should. I didn't realize how much I got used to it until a recent Fedora
> update changed my test setup and went back to the old accel.
Nice to hear - that's exactly what it should achieve.

> aside from that, looks good to me and I'd be happy to put that one in. We'll
> see if we get positive feedback.
Yay! Attached.



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