Xephyr keyboard problem

Nokan Emiro uzleepito at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 11:22:18 PST 2010

  Hi Aivils and Xorg list,

thank You very much Your help!   That solved the keyboard
problem, but generated another one.  :(  Now every key works
fine in Xepyr, but the problem is now that Xephyr gets all the
keystrokes, even if the focus is out of it, and moved into another
window.  If I type into a normal xterm outside Xephyt, it goes into
the xterm and into Xephyr at the same time.  Maybe I do
something wrong?

That's how I exactly start up Xephyr:

   Xephyr :1 -keybd evdev,,device=/dev/input/event3,xkbmodel=evdev

I did not use "-mouse" you suggested, because the mouse worked
well before.  The /dev/input/event3 comes from

   `ls /dev/input/by-*/*-kbd | head -1`

This evaluates to a symlink to /dev/input/event3 on my system,
that's why I set device to /dev/input/event3 above.

Did I misunderstand something?  If not, is it possible to tell
Xephyr to read the keyboard only if it has the focus?


2010/2/4 <aivils at latnet.lv>

> Hi,
> I suppose that patch is into mainstream.
> Xephyr -mouse evdev,,device=/dev/input/evdev1 -keybd
> evdev,,device=/dev/input/evdev0,xkbmodel=evdev,xkblayout=us
> If You use this commandline, then You bypass X server events and use Linux
> mouse
> and keyboard directly.
> Aivils
> Citēju Nokan Emiro <uzleepito at gmail.com>:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I use Xephyr for xdmcp connections to my server, but
> > unfortunatelly it has keyboard problems.  Arrow keys
> > do not work in it.  I've googled a bit, and found that others
> > have the same problem.  Somewhere I've found that "-kb"
> > switches off the KBD extension in Xephyr, and maybe it
> > helps on keyboard mistakes.  It didn't, but as I can see
> > it makes the Xephyr server differently wrong.  It means
> > that other keys are incorrect with "-kb".  Then I've found
> > an old patch to solve this with other kind of problems,
> > but that patch does not apply to the current version anymore.
> >
> > This is the old patch:
> >
> http://cvs.mandriva.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/SPECS/x11-server/0010-Xephyr-evdev-support.txt?revision=1.1
> >
> > Is it possible to repair Xephyr?  Or are there any other
> > xdmcp capable clients out there (except Xnest and Xephyr)?
> >
> > u.
> >
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