MPX features & popups

Marc Weber marco-oweber at
Mon Feb 15 17:34:28 PST 2010


The MPX (multi point extension) feature of xorg is great.

However there is a big problem with popups.
Eg if you start typing some characters in the Firefox address input a
popup occurs. It grabs keyboard (but the wrong one!).

The problem is described here as well:

Now one could start fixing all the applications using the advertised

However could'nt X notice that the popup belongs to the same application
(X-connection) as a window which has had keyboard focus and reuse that
keyboard in this case?

The problem is not about FireFox. With some effort you can fix it there.
But what about close source software such as Opera?

I don't know X that well so my questino may be stupid..

Are you using MPX and how do you deal with this problem? (Sure, I could
use elinks all the time..)

Marc Weber

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