Xserver doesn't support XvPutImage to Pixmap?

Matthew Fincham matthewf at cat.co.za
Tue Feb 16 00:39:30 PST 2010


I have stolen the subject of this email from a previous post about the 
same topic.

Currently I am using XvPutImage to display a video stream. The video 
needs to be overlayed with various items (pixmaps, text, custom 
drawing). As it stands there is a lot of flickering of the overlayed 
items. When this is double-buffered (using standard pixmaps) the 
flickering, obviously, goes away.

I see that XVPutImage does not support writing to pixmaps, only to 
windows (xf86XVEnlistPortInWindow seems to be the start of the 
problem...). The system is running version 1.3.0. I have checked 1.7.1 
and seen that it too doesn't support XVPutImage to pixmaps.

I have a few questions:

  - has any progress been made in supporting XVPutImage with pixmaps?
  - if not
    - what are the alternatives for overlaying text, pixmaps etc?
    - is there anyone who can provide me with some guidance to implement 
the pixmap version of XVPutImage.

I appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks
Matthew Fincham
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