keyboard LEDs don't work

Peter Vypov peter.vypov at
Wed Feb 17 07:04:14 PST 2010

>> I have a problem with keyboard LEDs: they don't work under X Window
>> System. They don't turn on when I press Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll
>> Lock. But they do work under virtualizers like VMware or QEMU (If I
>> press Num Lock, the Num Lock LED will turn on under VMware, but not
>> under real machine).
>> The keys themselves still work.
>> xorg-xserver version = 1.4, xf86-input-keyboard version = 1.2.2. This
>> is a custom Linux distribution (Linux kernel version =
>> Dear all, please advise, is it necesarry for me to upgrade the
>> xorg-xserver to a more recent version (I'd rather not), and which
>> package besides xorg-xserver should I check first (for configuration
>> options, patches)?
>> I have not a clue where should I look first. Thank you!
> If you like keep on xorg-xserver version 1.4 you should try 1.4.2 , I
> remember this bug and has been fixed in 1.4.1. 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 are just
> bug fixing of 1.4.
I have installed xorg-xserver version 1.4.2 and all the LEDs now work.
Problem fixed. Sérgio, Daniel, thank you! (I also tried xorg-xserver, but it wanted newer glproto for some reason).

Peter Vypov

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