xrandr dual-screen usability survery (Was: Dual-head config broke with update to 1.4.2)

Jesse W. Hathaway jesse at mbuki-mvuki.org
Wed Feb 17 07:10:07 PST 2010

Martin Cracauer:
> Overall my original impression has been reinforced: you basically
> dropped what hackers need when getting work done on a desktop Unix
> machine in favor of what managerish types coming from Windows need
> when standing in front of a projector and need to get their
> single-task thing done.

Have you looked at any of the window managers that are more oriented
to this type of workflow:

  1. xmonad: http://www.xmonad.org/
  2. awesome: http://awesome.naquadah.org/
  3. i3: http://i3.zekjur.net/

Those are all tiling window managers, which is what I prefer, I still
use ion2, which is not actively being developed.

wikipedia has an exhaustive list of window managers:

  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_window_manager


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