xrandr dual-screen usability survery (Was: Dual-head config broke with update to 1.4.2)

Martin Cracauer cracauer at cons.org
Wed Feb 17 07:50:12 PST 2010

Alan Coopersmith wrote on Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 07:34:01AM -0800: 
> Martin Cracauer wrote:
> > Here are the results of my quick survey of Window Managers present in
> > Debian/Stable.  That is the same Debian that has the Xorg server with
> > classic dualhead effectively removed.  
> Isn't "classic dualhead" removed by the specific drivers?   I didn't
> think anything had changed in the Xorg server itself, and that drivers
> like nvidia's closed driver that chose to provide this mode still work.

Right, that is why my main desktops all still work with the same Xorg
version, because they use the NVidia binary driver.

Please read that as "an Xorg server with non-randr dual-head support
removed", as the X11 server process in use.

Thanks for the fvwm2 tip, I'll try that later.  Of course it won't do
anything about the other client problems and the virtual desktop

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