Display on HDMI-connected TV to large

Steffen Schaumburg steffen at schaumburger.info
Fri Feb 19 14:14:58 PST 2010

> Underscan doesn't seem to help too. I tried down to 1064x504 in steps of 8
> (from 1280x720) and my TV always seems to compensate.
Disclaimer: I never did this so my suggestion may be stupid.
Are you sure you're actually underscanning? Sounds to me like you're
changing the resolution, I would imagine the TV "auto-compensates" (by
stretching) for that just like a PC monitor does.
I think this link might help you:
Under section 2 it has a link to a modeline calculator that may be
useful, or maybe your TV is even listed in the custom modelines section.
If it is not and you find working lines you could add them tho ;)

One thing that strikes me as odd is that the issue even exists with
HDMI. What's the point in overscan when you don't have a DA converter?

Cheers, Steffen

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