How to increase DPI on Compaq Mini 702EA (1024x600) Ubuntu 9.10

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On 2010/02/24 15:32 (GMT-0500) Jon composed:

> I'm running Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 (latest) on Compaq Mini 702EA 
> (1024x600). The text is very small in Firefox and the rest of the 
> desktop due to the high DPI of the display panel (118dpi).

> Therefore I would like to increase the DPI setting, so that 
> text,icons, web pages are rendered larger.

> I've been discussing on ubuntu forums, but no luck yet

> all the changes I've tried, from 

That's been needing updating again for a while. You can see in its history
that for several years I was doing all the content editing there. The
conversion from CVS to SVN removed the option to directly edit pages with
Mozilla's Doctor online editor, which was what I used to do that work.
Mozilla's been promising a replacement for Doctor for a long time. Until that
happens, I won't be assisting with its needed updates.

> and other places have not worked. 

If you're using a binary NVidia driver, you should be able to use 'Option
"DPI" "118x118"' in xorg.conf. If not that driver, try 'Option "NoRandr"' in
'Section "Device"' in conjuction with the traditional DisplaySize option in
xorg.conf (which you'll need to create if it doesn't exist). You might also
need to disable EDID and/or DDC, depending on gfxchip/driver. Make sure also
your your environment doesn't contain an Xft.dpi of anything other than the
DPI you prefer. Note also that the report from xdpyinfo does not always equal
the DPI that apps like Gecko are using. Use to find out if Gecko is using
the same DPI that xdpyinfo reports. Use
to find the DisplaySize to use for commonly desired DPI values.

Report back whether you achieve success, and if not, which exactly GMA
gfxchip you have and which Xorg version 9.10 uses.

I don't think openSUSE 11.2 forces DPI to 96, so you might want to give its
live CD a try if 9.10 continues to resist obliging your efforts, and replace
buntu with SUSE if it gives you the DPI you want. You might want to try other
live CDs, e.g. Knoppix or a Lucid beta.
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