FTBFS with selinux enabled

Harald Braumann harry at unheit.net
Thu Feb 25 15:31:20 PST 2010


xserver fails to build, if selinux is enabled (git master as of today). 
Affected are all the servers, except xfree86 (hw/{dmx,kdrive,vfb,xnest},
didn't test quartz and xwin). The problem seems to be, that the linker
flag for selinux is missing. If I add -lselinux to *_LDADD in the 
Makefiles, it works. xfree86 works, because $SELINUX_LIBS is added
to XORG_SYS_LIBS in configure.ac, if selinux is enabled.

Shouldn't the same be done for the other *_SYS_LIBS variables in
configure.ac? Or amidoinitwrong?


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