to neomagic users and devels

Piotr Gluszenia Slawinski curious at
Sat Feb 27 21:04:32 PST 2010

I am (un)fortunate owner of old tablet pc
(fujitsu stylistic 2300) equipped with neomagic chipset.

I would like to thank developers of current driver -
it works, it is stable, it has gentoo ebuild.
It allows me to use this pretty old machine
for (let's say portable) gps and sketchpad.

now the cons.
the video driver is painfully slow...
even in 16bit depth.

i am using tangogps, as it seems to be most lightweight
map display software, working very smooth even on old computers,
but on neomagic moving map around is so slow one can see
map being copied to the tiles...

i also TRIED to use gimp, but response is so slow it is impossible
to draw even using very simple tools (like 1x1 pix pencil)
i've resorted to mtpaint as this seems to be bit faster...

but... even on much slower machine (p133) with less cache (256 L2)
and s3 or matrox video chipset, using both tangogps and gimp
is possible and quite smooth.

also , trying to use (quite robust, running without problems
on p100 machines) 'fuse' emulator (zx-spectrum)
is impossible - screen refresh is way too slow , and blocking
everything (it is only 192x256 window!) , no matter if using x11
or sdl driver...

what might be cause of such slow operation of neomagic driver?

i've tried reducing bit depth to 15 and 16bpp,
and (i think) setting on/off all available options, including
disabling 'strangelockups' one...

machine itself is not so slow, it has 512k L2 cache ,96M of 100mhz so-dimm
memory (so with quite decent timing) , and 233mhz cpu.
it can play small movies downloaded from youtube using mplayer,
and is even able to render pages in google chrome.



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