Problems with and incompatibilities with in-house software

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Sun Feb 28 15:34:28 PST 2010

Richard Brown wrote:
> Our applications make extensive use of a large number of X extensions,
> these include, but are not limited to, MIT-Sundry-Nonstandard (many of
> our oldest programs from the early days use this) ,TOG-CUP, Xtrap,
> Xfree86-Misc, XEvIE, EVI, PEX, (for many of our 3D modelling and CAD
> applications),

PEX?  Really?  And you've had this supported on any system made since the
mid-90's?   Even Sun dropped that in Solaris 7 in 1998, and XFree86 removed
it long ago, before the current X.Org organization took over the development
of X.

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