Problems with and incompatibilities with in-house software

Alan Cox alan at
Sun Feb 28 15:40:42 PST 2010

>> To our much dismay we have recently found after attempting to install 
> new Linux boxes that these extensions no longer appear to be available. 

PEX was dropped in what was it 2004, so six years ago... taken you a
while to notice and it was dropped because nobody could actually find a
single user of it. By the time PEX stuff ever approached any real
implementation OpenGL had buried it because of the need for things like
texture mapping.

But then if you wanted people to believe you were genuine you wouldn't I
susppect be posting from what the analysis tools say is a new google
account and without naming the company. You'd have approached as a
company through management and had a rational discussion about the best
way to support the extensiosn you need (or had that discussion with your
Linux vendor) and spent a lot less by making sure the commercial
justification was there for someone to support it.

Still if you'd rather rewrite all your code, pay Microsoft zillions and
not pay a consultant to do the updating on the modules you need for
resubmission (or even pay an undergrad minimum wage to knock you off a
package of an old build) don't let me stop you ;)


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