Problems with and incompatibilities with in-house software

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Sun Feb 28 16:40:38 PST 2010

Richard Brown wrote:
> Mikhail Gusarov wrote:
>> Twas brillig at 19:05:25 28.02.2010 UTC-05 when rbrown1445 at did
>> gyre and gimble:
>>  RB> So of these disabled, removed extensions. How many of these are
>>  RB> disabled as a result of actual broken code, vs, how many are
>>  RB> disabled because, "we don't like how it looks"?
>> Most of them were removed because they were broken for years (literally)
>> and nobody complained.

> If the extensions are removed because of broken code, i can understand, 
> especially for the extensions which have duplicitous functionality which 
> can be obtained by using other X11 features, i do not ask for time to 
> expended to get broken code working.
> But, if the extensions are in working order, there is no reason or 
> justification to remove them, even if their functionality is duplicated, 
> different applications may be tied to a certain API. "We dont like how 
> it looks" is not a good reason to remove extensions.
> Xprint, was this actually broken code, for instance. Ximage, was this 
> broken code? XEVIE, again, was that broken code.

What are you referring to by "Ximage" ?

> If the extension is broken code, dont waste your time, Im not asking you 
> to spend time on it, we will do our best here to move off of them. But, 
> if the extension is in working order, why not put it back in?
> To justify removing an extension, the extension needs to be in a broken, 
> non working order, and that it is causing technical problems for the 
> rest of the X system,  and to require extensive reworking, and apps can 
> implement what it needs in another way. "We dont like how it looks", or 
> "we dont think people use this", are not good justifications.
> Since officially has had all of these extensions until very 
> recently, apparently although they may have been in a non working state, 
> at the same time, they were not causing a problem, so I cannot see the 
> action as being justified to remove them.

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