State of Zaphod dual screen support

David Mohr damailings at
Sun Feb 28 22:29:12 PST 2010

Hi everyone,
I'm part of the minory who currently uses a Zaphod style dual monitor
setup with separate X screens for every monitor. When I recently
upgraded from 7.4 to 7.5, some utilites which I adopted[1] which
manipulate the mouse cursor started malfunctioning. My two X screens
are setup to be "apart" so that the mouse does not pass between them,
and I use my utilities to move the mouse between the two screens. But
with 7.5 every now and then a condition is triggered where the mouse
cursor will just continually jump from screen to screen, keeping the X
server at 100% CPU. I cannot even shut it down using

I've noticed comments in other threads on this mailing list that
Zaphod mode is not really supported any more (for completeness' sake,
I'm using the binary Nvidia drivers). So my question is, is there
value in trying to track down the bug in Xorg which causes the mouse
to jump back and forth? Or should I just switch to a XRandR setup
already, and my time is better spent  trying to get the apps fixed
which were the reason that I set up two X screens in the first place.

I'm mainly talking about full screen games, in particular under wine.
Though I haven't tried an XRandR style setup in a long time, maybe
wine is already handling this better than when I tried last. To be
honest, I was also glad to not having any artifacts like pop-ups
showing up split between the two screens -- something which to my
amazement still happens today in Xinerama mode, when I used it briefly
in the past month.

Any input would be very welcome!



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