Xorg crashes...

Ryan Daly daly at ctc.com
Mon Jan 18 13:12:15 PST 2010

On 01/18/2010 03:17 PM, Ryan Daly wrote:
> I was able to start Xorg w/ 'startx' as root.  I'm writing trace files 
> out, so as soon as I get it to exit on me, I'll look through and see 
> what's left.

One bad thing...  The strace files started taking up so much room that I 
needed to stop the session I was running.

But, I noticed something while I was running as "root."  I was up for 
about 3 hours without any trouble.  I noticed while I was logged in that 
my alt, shift, and ctrl keys weren't working.  That prompted me to start 
poking around and I found that I had a $HOME/.xmodmaprc.  I'm wondering 
if this could have any impact on things.  Could it be possible that 
something was mapped in such a way that when a particular key sequence 
was hit it caused my session to exit?  I know Gnome maps keys on its 
own.  Maybe I was confusing things by having $HOME/.xmodmaprc in place.

I have since removed $HOME/.xmodmaprc and restarted my X session, but 
I'm running as myself.  I'm still unable to strace this because of the 
earlier permissions issue that was posted.  I'd still like to hear 
thoughts regarding this, though.  Thanks.

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