Alan McCosh amccosh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 19:47:25 PST 2010

A new tool is available for evdev touchscreen calibration, evcalibrate.

First, apologies to the creator(s) of ev_calibrate.  I picked the name
without first considering the existence of similarly named software.

- Evcalibrate uses a very simple approach to determining the filpx, flipy,
swapxy values.  Only 4 screen touches are required.
- Written in c++/qt/opengl, quite a few packages are required to
- Support is pretty good for certain ELO, 3M, and eGalax screens.  I've not
had access to other hardware so beyond those I can't be certain.
- Some patching of evdev was required to better support the 3M and eGalax
screens.  These patches are available from the same project site,

Feedback/criticism is welcome, especially for users of new/different

- Alan
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