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Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri Jan 29 01:32:05 PST 2010

Le Ven 29 janvier 2010 00:53, Russell Shaw a écrit :

> One can make their own widget libraries based on Xlib, then write apps
> using the libraries. Nothing hard about that ("hard" is relative;)

On the text processing front, hard is not relative. Working solutions are
quickly being reduced to pango or qt, with pango and qt sharing components
(harfbuzz) because they can't really cope alone.

Modern text processing is *very* hard. English speakers usually don't realize
it till they're flooded with bug reports from non-English speakers (and,
probably soon, reports by English speakers, as support for advanced latin
typographic features is added to pango/qt).

If you want any proof, just check the OpenOffice.org bug tracker. They've not
replaced their legacy text stack with pango yet, and get new text bug reports
almost every day. (Not that OO.o is especially worse than other apps of the
same age, but it's a heavy-duty app so people do report bugs instead of
cursing privately).

Nicolas Mailhot

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