Screen flickers after resuming from suspend to RAM (Intel + kernel 2.6.34)

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Tue Jul 6 04:42:04 PDT 2010

My laptop has an Intel i945GM graphics chipset. I'm using Intel driver 
2.12.0 (witn KMS) and xserver 1.8.2. Everything works perfectly on 2.6.33.x 

Unfortunately, if I switch to 2.6.34 ( as well), after I resume from 
suspend to RAM, my screen starts to flicker. The screen gets blank (semi) 
randomly. In fact, this is not a random flickering - screen gets blank only 
if nothing is drawn. It means, that, for instance, I can watch films - the 
screen cannot get black between frames of the film. It is the same when 
_anything_ else happens in the screen. But otherways the screen is blank. 
The blanking is immediate after anything is changed on the screen.

I'm almost sure it is a kind of kernel drm problem, because the screen 
flickers in exactly the same way if I switch to console (as said before, I'm 
using KMS).

1. Has anyone noticed someting like this?
2. If a solution is known, can you provide me with it?
3. If it is not solved, where exactly should I report this?

I have registry dumps created before and after suspend using 
intel_reg_dumper, but I don't understand their content. I can provide them.
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